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Contemplating leadership dialogues: Autumn dates coming soon

Embodying resilience

Accessing inner resolve at difficult times

1 day workshop, £150 per person

Next date and location not confirmed

An introductory Leadership Embodiment workshop

This workshop is for all those who wish to develop a steadier presence in the push and pull of life and work, whether you are completely new to Leadership Embodiment practices or have previous experience and wish to reconnect with them. The practices will enhance both your self-leadership and your interactions with others.

Developed by 7th dan Wendy Palmer, Leadership Embodiment draws on principles from martial arts to develop capacity to be present, confident and compassionate even when you are pressured or stressed. The foundation of the approach is a four-part practice for accessing a centred state in which we’re better able to see a bigger picture and then choose to act with more skill and grace. This practice is central to the workshop – we’ll explore how we lose our composure and clarity in a couple of different everyday situations and how we can recover a more resourceful state.

Over the day, you can expect to gain insight into your habits and patterns when you’re under pressure and to experience how to change your relationship to demanding or charged circumstances so that you handle them more skilfully.

In experiencing the power of these practices, a Chief Executive from the NHS said:

I truly found a real strength and energy from learning the connection between mind and body and how to use that energy and focus to cope with everyday situations never mind the stressful ones!’

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Contemplating leadership dialogues

Reconnecting with our leadership spirit

2+ days, non-residential, Falkland, Fife

Autumn dates coming soon

Two days of dialogue in a small group – non-residential

This event is an in-person ‘breathing space’ for a small group of leaders and practitioners, in which we’ll reflect on our leadership practice and reconnect with our leadership spirit. Together, we’ll:

  • Enjoy the ‘food for thought’ generated by the sort of conversations with kindred spirits that may have recently been in short supply.

We’ll gather for a light supper on the first evening and spend time creating good conditions for the conversations that will follow. In four sessions over the next two days, we’ll explore the themes of self-leadership, leadership in conversations, leadership perspectives, and leading and learning.

In preparation for each session, you’ll choose a piece from the relevant section of Weekly Leadership Contemplations as the basis for personal inquiry. The pieces are around 600 words long (a 3-minute read), supported by contemplation questions to stimulate reflection. After introducing the pieces we’ve selected, there will be time and space to walk and talk with a partner to share individual experiences and insights. Then we’ll regather as a group to explore the themes more generally, aiming to sow seeds that germinate and grow over the course of our time together and beyond. Together, we’ll create an oasis of companionship and thoughtful conversation.

The event is non-residential – there are plenty of places to stay locally in this beautiful part of Fife. Places are limited to ten.

A Chief Executive from the hospitality sector said:

Each of us was different and each took different things from the book – I love the way it’s is carefully constructed so that you only need to read 2 pages at a time! Real stories, with practical application, that make you reflect long and hard on your own leadership’

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If you’d like to get a flavour of my writing, of Falkland, and of questions we might explore  together, listen to this piece from Weekly Leadership Contemplations: